22 12 2009

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Remembering a friend…..

10 04 2009

Tomorrow, April 11th, marks the one year anniversary of the loss of a good friend, great skier, and great person!  John Nicoletta died during his run in the 2008 Freeskiing World Championships at Alyeska, Alaska.  A group of us from the freeskiing tour  had flown up to Alaska a few weeks early to travel around in RVs and enjoy the craziness of AK.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime!  It is the people around you that make the best of times great and the hardest of times manageable.  To all of the crew in Aspen, I am thinking of you and wish I could be there with you tomorrow on top of Ajax.  To all of you in AK, ski hard, safe and kickass like I know you can!!!  Everyone, ski one, drink one, or both for Johnny tomorrow!

We miss you Johnny!



The Crew in AK 2008

The Crew in AK 2008

Sunny spring groomers = Knee rehab…right?

6 04 2009

Hello yall.  I know, it has been a while since I wrote last (not including the Targhee Freeride Comps).  I have literally had to remove myself from damn near everything to do with skiing in order to grasp a bit of sanity during the down time of rehabbing my knee.  Today I finally took a few real runs!  I skied three runs on groomers at the Ghee and quit the second my leg felt tired, but it was GREAT!  My knee felt super stable, just sore and tired quickly.  I have my follow up appointment with the doc tomorrow after 3 weeks of therapy.  He will decide if he is going to repair my ACL, scope to check on it, and/or scope my meniscus, or nothing at all.  I really think my ACL is fine, my MCL still has a bit of soreness and pain and same with my meniscus, so I have already excepted the fact that he might scope my knee.  Other than that, I am working hard to get my knee back to full strength and prepping for next season, as well as a trip to South America in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Annual Targhee Tee Off Jr Freeride Competition

30 03 2009


On March 21st and 22nd Grand Targhee hosted the 2nd Annual Targhee Tee Off Jr Freeride competition.  Junior athletes from all around the western United States.  As 80+ athletes made their way up to the Reliable area of Peaked Ridge for inspections on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the weather forecast was looking anything but favorable.  High elevation storm systems, warm weather, and high winds were all probable.  Saturday, though the bad weather was in the area, we saw sun most of the day and were able to run all athletes through the venue, safely and efficiently.  Sunday, after having to make a deeper cut that we typically would for the second run due to the weather, we lucked out once again by completing not just a second run, but a super final run as well.  The results,  as shown below, put Alex George & Danielle Rowe on top of the podium for the ladies, and Michael Gardner & Riley Rose for the fellas.  Last but not least, for wowing the crowd and judges with his consistent and technical skiing throughout the weekend, the Sickbird Award went to Andrew DesLauriers.  

A special thanks to all the sponsors, Grand Targhee Resort, and all of the athletes!  Also, a big thanks to my TetonFreeRide judging staff of Ryan Hawks and David Rice. 

Grand Targhee Resort, Smith Optics & Helmats, Core Concepts, Skullcandy, Freeskier, Smartwool, DaKine, Peaked Sports, RAW Rev, Powderhorn, and Silver Star

15-17 Young Men

MICHAEL GARDNER 37 40.67 42.33 120 1
CHRISTIAN NICHOLS 36.67 39.42 39.92 116.01 2
ANDRE DESLAURIERS 38.83 38.67 36.83 114.33 3
NEIL HOWARD 32.17 40.42 41.17 113.76 4
LLOYD DAHLEM 36.67 41.42 16.83 94.92 5
GALEN RIGGS 33.67 36.08 16.92 86.67 6
OWEN WINSHIP 30.67 37.25 15.42 83.34 7
TAYLOR LYMAN 36.83 19.33   56.16 8
MITCH CALHOON 34 18.58   52.58 9
SAM NAATZ 36.83 15.33   52.16 10
HENRY GATES 34.17 17.75   51.92 11
SAM COHEN 31.83 17.58   49.41 12
CHARLIE HAWKS 34.67          tdq 34.67 13
MAX WALKER SILVERMAN 29.33     29.33 14
GARRETT SCHLAG 29.17     29.17 15
JESSE KLEIN 28.67     28.67 16
JACKSON REMINGTON 27.87     27.87 17
TROY HILDE 26.67     26.67 18
COLE REBORA 25.83     25.83 19
BEN MOISEN 25     25 20
LUKE TERKOVICH 23.35     23.35 21
WILL MCMILLAN 17.67     17.67 22
EAN WEAVER 17.67     17.67 23
MAX KRONE 16.83     16.83 24
ELLIOTT CASPER 16.5     16.5 25
MIKE MANDAHL 16.33     16.33 26
LEO AHRENS          tdq       27
SETH SIVINSKI          tdq       28

15-17 Young Women

NAME RUN#1          RUN#2     RUN#3       TOTAL PLACE
ALEX GEORGE 35.33 37.92 31 104.25 1
KATHERINE CREW 26.83 28.58 29 84.41 2
EMILY WILLIAMS 21.67 23.83 28.75 74.25 3
KAYLA WEISER* 21.3 27.58   48.88          3*
CARMEN FREGULIA 23.83 20.58   44.41 5
ELI MEASOM 15.67     15.67 6

11-14 Young Men

RILEY ROSE 40.17 39 37.75 116.92 1
ANDREW POLLARD 38.17 40.67 36.5 115.34 2
GRANT HOWARD 37.17 37.92 36.08 111.17 3
CHARLIE LEVERONI 33.17 36.67 37 106.84 4
HENRY BOGARDDUS 33.33 34.92 34.67 102.92 5
RYAN FAYE 33.5 33.33 35.75 102.58 6
CASEY ROSE 32.17 34.75 32.97 99.89 7
WILDON DEWSLAURIES 34.5 31.92 32.17 98.59 8
GRADY CULLINS 36.5 39.17 20.33 96 9
JACKSON BODTKER 29.67 33.33   63 10
HOBIE KILGORE 28.17 32.5   60.67 11
SKYLER KAUF 37.33 20.92   58.25 12
BODI WIRTZ 32.5 25.58   58.08 13
JACK NICHOLS 28.83 27.33   56.16 14
LEO T JOHNSON 28.33 27   55.33 15
TILEN LANE 30.17 15.33   45.5 16
SOLOMON AMSDEN 28.8 12.25   41.05 17
EMMETT SEELY 26.17     26.17 18
JAKE SIVISKI 26     26 19
KINGSTON MORGAN 25.17     25.17 20
ERIC GAMBLES 22.83     22.83 21
TASNI HACKET 22.5     22.5 22
MICAH ROBIN 22.33     22.33 23
JOEY MANSHIP 20.5     20.5 24
WILLIAM LIAM GALLIVAN 19.5     19.5 25
ANDREW WILLIAMS 19.17     19.17 26
JACKSON TISI 19.17     19.17 27
EATHAN FAYE 16.3     16.3 28
SEBASTIAN LOPEZ 15.83     15.83 29
KEVIN NICHOLS 12.83     12.83 30
JOHN MAYMAR 11.83     11.83 31
AJ STROMME           tdq     32
TJ TUCKER           tdq     33

11-14 Young Women

DANIELLE ROWE 32 32.42 29.17 93.59 1
ZABIE ELMGREN 29 28.17 34.17 91.34 2
MACKENZIE EPPERSOVALUM 30 27.83 26.97 84.8 3
JAELYN KAUF 29 11.67   40.67 4
ERIN KEMPT 24.33     24.33 5
CASSIE MAY 24.17     24.17 6
FRANCES CRONIN 23.33     23.33 7
SOPHIE LUCKETT 22.67     22.67 8
ZOE ALTENBERG 19.83     19.83 9
ANNALISE MANLEY 14.5     14.5 10


1st Annual Targhee Tee Off Adult Freeride Competition

11 03 2009

The 1st Annual Targhee Tee Off Adult Freeride Ski Competition was held at Grand Targhee Resort on March 7th & 8th off of Peaked Mountain’s north ridge.  This event was the first of four of its kind to take place this month with Adult Snowboarding being March 14th & 15th, Junior Ski March 21st & 22nd, and Junior Snowboard March 28th & 29th. 


Athletes from the area as well as places such as Aspen, Sun Valley, Whistler, Mammoth, and Montana all came into town to see what we had to offer.  I think they were impressed.  “This was one of the most fun venues I have been on” said the men’s champion Bryce Newcomb and the women’s champion, Sonja Lercher  commented “What a great event, I will be back next year for sure!”  Local Targhee race coach Brady Johnston said “This was my first event and it was a blast!”  The judging staff of myself (Mike Leake), Crystal Wright, and Chris Kitchen all agreed that the field could not have been much closer and we were all impressed with the skiing.


The weeks prior to and of the event, I had several friends from the Freeskiing World Tour tell me that they wanted to come through Targhee and compete on their way to Snowbird for the US Freeskiing Nationals.  Ollie Nieuwland-Zlotnicki and Jason Brown came in from Aspen, while Sonja Lercher and Bryce Newcomb came in from Whistler and Sun Valley.  We basically turned my parents house into a hostel with these four staying there, plus one of our judges, Crystal Wright from Jackson.  I really appreciated all of them being a part of this first event!  And yes, it was just a coincidence that the winners were staying at the Leake Hostel!!!  What can I say, they skied awesome!!!


On day one the skies spontaneously turned blue and patrol gave us the go-ahead to start the event in the Bobcat and Reliable areas off of Peaked Ridge.  With a small field and great weather we decided to run two runs on Saturday.  Greg Stump and Micah Black were announcing and we had quite the crowd gathered at the base of the venue throughout the day.  Day two proved to be a bit more adverse with low visibility we were not only unable to run the finals from the top of the famous Pink Slip, but we were forced to end the event based off of the cumulative score from the two runs the previous day.  This decision was made in part by the athletes I might add.  So Sunday the athletes skied  pow, we held the awards and the athletes were able to put in some serious Trap Bar time!  Result were as follows:














































































Brady Johnston, our local race coach, skied great taking 3rd in his very first freeride event and winning the Sickbird award.  It was sick, he lost a ski on his second to last air, still sticking it, and continued to hit his last air & stick it on one ski.  All of the judges agreed that we would let his run stand.  This award will be renamed by Brady and he is open for suggestions!!!  End the end, though we had a small field, the athletes, event staff, and judging staff were all stoked and that is what it is all about.  It was seriously like a mini-golf tourney between friends…everyone put some $ in the pot and winners take all!!!  Stay tuned to and for the event video to be posted soon!!!! 


A special thanks to all the sponsors, Grand Targhee Resort, Teton HD, and all of the athletes!  Also, a big thanks to my TetonFreeRide judging staff of Crystal Wright and Chris Kitchen. 


Grand Targhee Resort, Smith Optics & Helmats, Core Concepts, Skullcandy, Freeskier, Smartwool, DaKine, Peaked Sports, RAW Revolution, and Silver Star

Sunny days w/ Teton HD, but big air = carnage

23 02 2009

This past Friday my buddy Freddy Mooney came into town and throughout the weekend we met up with Eric “ED” Daft from Teton HD, Julie Weinberger from JulieWeinberger Photography, and Eric & Sarah Anderson from Grand Targhee Cat Guides.  From dropping sleds in Teton Canyon, skiing pow & sick chutes into the canyon, to big lines, big airs, and crazy pow shots off Mary’s Nipple we pretty much did a little of everything.  Good crew and good times for sure.  Freddy killed a line off of Mary’s called Jack’s Line and it turned out to be what he claimed as one of his biggest airs ever, and it was BIG w/ a styled grab too.  ED put down the camera for a bit and sent a crazy line into the Mary’s cirque.  And I definitely sent my biggest air of the year, unfortunately it might have been my last.  I hit one of my favorite airs just down the Mary’s ridge from Jack’s Line.  I threw a LARGE stalled out front, however, coming around to spot my landing I realized I was landing about 20ft further down the already flat landing slope than anticipated.  I rotated just right to go for the stomp, but it was a bit too flat, and I stuck pretty hard before riding away.  My guess is 90-100ft of total air.  Though riding away, it was quite the impact resulting in 2 broken skis, 1 broken helmet, 1 broken goggle lens, and a severely tweaked & bruised left knee.  I will keep ya’ll posted, but Mikey is out of the game for the time being.  This does not mean Teton FreeRide is though.  Stay tuned for more blogging & videos from the area, including the helmet camera footage from this destructive 100ft front!!!  Mikey –


photo by Julie Weinberger

photo by Julie Weinberger


photo by Julie Weinberger

photo by Julie Weinberger

Super Sunday

3 02 2009

Super Bowl Sunday…..always an exciting day! This one a bit more than others. 8:30am, met Gabe Rogel and Ryan Colyer at Ryan’s house. 8:20am, air up snow maching trailer tire. 8:45am, unload sled at first trail head in Teton Canyon. 9:00am, researcher attaches GPS unit to Gabe’s pack for the day. 9:12am, Gabe puts on hit avy beacon. 9:20am, Gabe loads up camera and lenses into his pack + cell phone & light meter. 9:30am, Ryan tows Gabe and I to the Table Mtn trail head. 9:45am, start skinning up Table Mtn. 12:00pm, we reach the base of the last face we plan on climbing & eat lunch. 12:30am, reach the top of the final face and start gearing up. 12:45am, Gabe puts on Mike’s VIO POV.1 helmet camera to ski with while skiing down to shoot. 


photo by Gabe Rogel

photo by Gabe Rogel



Electronics on Mr. Rogel:

1 Camera
3 Lenses
1 Light Meter
1 Avy Beacon
1 GPS Unit
1 Cell Phone
1 VIO POV.1 Helmet Camera

From here, we skied and shot our way back to the sled. It was great!!! To top it off when we reached the cars being towed by the sled we ran into Jed, Heather, and my Dad cross-country skiing in Teton Canyon. Then went to watch the Super Bowl. What a kick a$$ Super Sunday!!!